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Design Strategy

With over ten years experience in genotyping technology and breeding we create a custom solution for your business. Having worked in the largest breeding companies in the world we have an intrinsic understanding of the breeding business with a focus on genetics. We have extensive knowledge in how to scale up genotyping, technical, analytical and problem solving skills. Project management is second nature having executed many multi-milliondolar projects.   

Trait Specific Genotyping

Design and validation service with a 99% conversion rate for your SNPs and short INDELS. Concierge Genetics is able to provide complete genotyping services to our customers. We have a track record of delivering the highest quality data, delivering break-through techniques across a huge range of project types, and working with many different species. We have successfully applied disease resistance and quality trait genotyping for plant breeding, wool quality traits to Merino sheep and defect elimination in animal breeding 

Parentage / EBVs / Genomic Selection

We offer a bespoke design approach to genotyping in the hundreds or thousands of SNP targets. Our scientists have more than a decade experience in delivering large and small scale Next Generation sequencing and array based genotyping.

We offer full analytics service and can assist with project design, provide advice on difficult targets and genomes and offer a service that drives maximum benefit and cost-effectiveness.

R&D Service

Our Scientists have experience in the development and delivery of research projects for businesses. Some of the areas we have been involved are in the development of trait specific markers, development of populations and the use of scientific methodologies to deliver competitive advantage to our clients. For example if you have a well defined population with extensive phenotype data for a specific trait we can deliver the genomics appropriate for trait discovery and marker development. 

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