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With over ten years industry experience in genomics and breeding we deliver a bespoke solution for your business. Our service extends across a wide range of samples, from plants to animals. We utilise the best technologies for simple and complex trait selection and customise our framework to meet your needs. We offer services from development of trait associated markers through to high throughput genotyping selection for small and large breeding programs.


James Preuss (B.Sc, Hon; MBA)

Founder and Managing Director

James has over ten years experience and extensive knowledge of the breeding industry. Previously, as leader of the molecular marker laboratory for the University of Adelaide barley breeding program he lead the conversion of the laboratory from low throughput gel based to LGC Genomics high throughput KASP™ genotyping. James has been referred to as “The founder of KASP technology in Australia, who developed the Australian path for our chemistry – Jeffrey Anthony (Asia Pacific Sales Director, LGC Genomics)”. Since then, KASP™ has become Australia’s standard platform (or technology) for simple trait selection across both research and the breeding industries.

More recently James has successfully applied the whole suite of genomic technologies as Australia’s only molecular breeder for Australian Grain Technologies. His drive and stewardship saw his enthusiastic application of the latest technologies for increasing the rate of genetic gain in this sector. As a well-respected individual with a wealth of knowledge he was recently invited to speak at the 2018 Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAGXXVI) on behalf of LGC Genomics about the application of genomic technology to solve AgBio challenges.


Corinne Callegari (B.Sc, Hon)

Research Assistant

Corinne has over a decade of experience in delivering genomics based projects, having worked across plants, animals and ancient DNA. She has extensive knowledge in molecular techniques including NGS libraries and has coordinated successful laboratories with broad applications.

She brings a wealth of knowledge with her and years of experience in genomics projects and lab bench techniques. Corinne drives genomic projects and outcomes for Concierge Genetics.

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