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International Guest Speaker at Plant and Animal Genome conference, San Diego CA

Advances in genomic technology are outpacing Moore’s law for computation, giving rise to quickly evolving approaches to marker assisted selection (Schlötterer 2004, Lai et al. 2015). Progress has created new challenges, including the need to utilize outputs from next generation methods to develop ‘breeder friendly’ tools for routine selection. KASP, a robust genotyping technology, has been used to overcome this hurdle in a wide variety of species. Here, Dr. James Preuss, Founder and Managing Director of Concierge Genetics, will describe the use of KASP to positively select for desirable traits in large scale plant breeding and the adaption of this approach for animals and on-farm production gains. These examples will demonstrate the advantages, flexibility and scalability of LGC’s chemistry for trait selection and breeding applications.

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